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Tuesday, May 29

Red Steel OST Now available on iTunes and CD

Composer and music producer Tom Salta has sent word that the original soundtrack of the Red Steel is available on the iTunes music stores. The OST will also retail on CD by Persist Records / Sumthing Distribution from May 29, 2007.

Didier Lord, Executive Director, Ubisoft Music quoted, “We are really happy to make this possible, particularly with Tom’s impressive work on Red Steel. It’s an important move as it will be Ubisoft’s first soundtrack released on major digital distribution channels, the first of many to come!”

Tom Salta used traditional live Japanese instrumentation such as Koto, Shamisen, Shakuhachi and Taiko performed by expert Japanese musicians including the specialist percussion group Taikoza. This was done to make sure that the music would sound genuine to the gamers. He has also worked on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.The music of Red Steel too has received a lot of accolades. So now you can download it on your personal audio players or your PC to hear it anytime you want.


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:27 PM

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