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Tuesday, June 5

Grains of Sand - Part 1: Setting the Trap

“I’m sure my companions will take the gold,” said Quintus. “But I do not seek treasure. I wish to own land.”

“Ah,” said Gratian. “Farmland.”

Quintus nodded.

”That will take some doing. The Five Families do not easily let those into their ranks, Quintus. They’ve been managing the grain trade for generations on behalf of the val’Dellenovs. Any house that solves this problem will certainly look good.”

Quintus’ steadfast gaze did not waiver. After a moment, Gratian sighed. “I will do my best, but I can make no guarantees. Discovering the source of the problem will certainly go a long way towards securing a grant of land in any case.”

Quintus shook his hand. “Then we have a deal,” he said. [MORE]


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