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Sunday, July 15

Complete Guide to Werewolves On Sale!

From Goodman Game's site:
We’re cleaning out our warehouse. Five years in business means we’ve got some dusty books in the back! For the entire month of July we’ll have sale books for THREE BUCKS, but there’s a catch: we need to clean out the warehouse!

So here’s the deal: The following books are really cheap, but only if you spend a minimum of $20 (before shipping).

If your total order is $20 or more (cheap books and/or regular price products), use the “Old Stuff for Cheap” sale prices below. You can buy some cheap books, then hit the $20 minimum with some regular priced books if you need to. Otherwise, click into the categories below for regular price products.

Please note: We have had an enormous response to this sale. We may need an extra couple days to fill some orders. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:28 PM

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