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Monday, July 2

Grains of Sand - Part 5a: Castle in the Sand

“I thought you’d never make it,” said Ilmarė with a bemused smirk.

“And miss this?” asked Beldin. He pointed at the wall. “You’ll need a dwarf’s eye if you’re going to survive this place. It looks as if those hieroglyphs were designed to ward off invaders from the fortress.”

Vlad froze in mid-step. “Uh…”

“Don’t worry,” said the dwarf. “They no longer have any magical power.”

The walls, floor and ceiling of the passage changed from the yellowed Myrantian hieroglyphs to strange tiled square containing an unsettling carved image of a many-tentacled creature resembling a starfish.

“Something feels wrong,” said Ilmarė.

When they were a ways in, the stone tiles began to hum and glow a pale violet color.

“A dwarf’s eye, huh?” Ilmarė shot Beldin a glare. [MORE]


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