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Monday, July 30

Grains of Sand - Part 8: Spawn of Tizzhet

“A Spawn of Tizzhet!” Beldin skidded into the room. “It must have been awakened by the glowing tiles!”

“Spawn of whozit?” asked Kham.

“Tizzhet of the Many Limbs, an ancient being from the far realms,” said Ilmarė. She fired two arrows into it, but they melted and smoked in the acidic flesh of the thing.

“How do we stop it?” asked Vlad.

Kham dove to the side as more greedy tentacles grasped for him. What was it Quintus was trying to tell him? Use the neck what?

Upside down, Quintus’ flesh was seared red from the acid where the tentacles were gnawing away at him. Smoke spiraled from where it touched his armor. And Kham had made fun of him for wearing his lorica segmentata in the desert. It sharply contrasted with the necklace he attacked the…

The necklace!


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