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Tuesday, August 21

As Gray and Cold as Stone - Part 1: Arrival at the Villa

The bustle of activity became more obvious as they passed through the gates into the outer courtyard. One slave was carefully trimming the hedges that line the outer wall while another followed behind him, carefully pick up each cut twig and fallen leaf. Other slaves were polishing the white marble steps and washing the walls of the villa, while still others decorated the lawn and front doorway with brightly colored summer flowers.

“To be in full bloom this late in the year, those flowers must have been brought all the way from Altheria,” said Ilmarė.

“A considerable expense,” said Quintus. “It speaks volumes about our hosts.”

“Which volume is that?” Ilmarė eyed the servants. “That they’re pretentious boors or prissy nobility?”

“Perhaps a combination of both,” said Quintus as a fat man with an ill-fitting wig and a powdered face flounced up to them. [MORE]


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