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Thursday, August 16

Can A New Dungeons & Dragons Version Insulate Hasbro From Current Toy Industry Woes?

Hasbro has a franchise on its books that acts as a gift that keeps on giving: Wizards of the Coast, and the beloved Dungeons & Dragons (R) franchise. This is the game that all the parents used to worry about their kids playing because of exaggerated and isolated instances of some kids losing their minds, and now all those parents read Harry Potter themselves. It is still a puzzle as to whom the real joke is on. But the Dungeons & Dragons franchise is about to get another formal makeover for next year.


This new 4th edition is dubbed the D&D Insider(TM). Web estimates are far as total dollars spent on the gaming system are impossible to track because new sales often get recycled as used game sales and hand-me-downs. Some estimates have 15 million game players over the history of the game and some estimates are north of 20 million players since its inception in the 1970's. Generally speaking, the game itself and the offshoots for it have been responsible for over $1 Billion in retails sales in the US alone. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:01 PM

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