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Sunday, August 26

D&D Insider NOT a Requirement

There's been a lot of hysteria on the boards lately on how the DID Insider and the online component are not accessible to some D&D fans (due to the fact that they're poor, don't have a PC, etc.). But here's the thing: YOU CAN STILL PLAY D&D IN PERSON WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

First, it needs to be said that D&DI will be a part of 4th Edition D&D, but is not required to play D&D. D&DI will facilitate certain tasks and it is up to each of you to pick which parts of D&DI you will choose to use if you become a D&DI subscriber. Obviously, we are planning to make the whole offering attractive, but D&DI applications and web resources will be very modular and varied, reflecting the flexibility of the game itself. Between the game table, the character sheet, the character builder (also called visualizer), the dungeon builder or the encounter builder, these applications, like various pieces of a kit, will be usable independently of each others, or together. It is also important to highlight the fact that the game table can be used for any RPG purpose. It will be particularly well suited to 4th Edition, of course, but not restricted to it. [MORE]

So can we all stop tearing our hair and pissing and moaning about how D&D isn't for you and how you're going to leave the hobby and that it jumped the shark and that D&D Insider is "teh Devi1!!!1!" because you don't have access to the digital initiative?


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:03 PM

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