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Sunday, August 26

D&D to Consumer: Buy the Damn Book!

Sure enough, the new online D&D functionality WILL require you to buy a copy of the book to get the unique digital code. That means no sharing with your loser friends who don't have any money. It also means that if you're a family playing online, you'll need to have a copy for each family member. I'm not sure why a family would be playing online though.

Anyhoo, here's the answer from Scott Rouse, Brand Manager for D&D:

Originally Posted by Mistwell
WotC_ScottR, a lot of gaming groups have one person buy a book, and then many players using the book. I understand that only one account (attached to the person who buys the book) will have access the online digital version of the book, but will there be a way for players to populate the database attached to their online accounts with rules from a book that they did not personally buy?If not, are you saying the only way for a group of 5 people to use the options of one book with the DI database is for all 5 people to buy the hardcopy of the book?

From Scott Rouse: yes. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 1:07 PM

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