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Thursday, September 6

As Gray and Cold as Stone - Part 5: Study Break

The shelves were crowded with books, most of them religious in nature. Atop the desk were a few unfinished documents, as well as several blank sheets of vellum, a writing kit. There were also a variety of small paperweights, including a statuette of Illiir. There were several drawers in the desk, one of which appeared to be locked.

“They always put it in the false drawer,” said Kham with a knowing smile. Another few minutes of fumbling with the hilt of his dagger and the drawer popped open.

Inside were a variety of letters, most of which dealt with fairly mundane church matters. All except for two.

Kham scanned the letters. His eyes went wide as he finished. “Holy crap,” he whispered.

Then the door creaked opened. [MORE]


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