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Saturday, September 15

As Gray and Cold As Stone - Part 6b: Love at First Sight

Roderick stepped forward among the murmuring of surprised, even shocked, voices. He bowed formally to Acastus. When he rose, there was a self-assured smile on his face.

“Master val’Assante, you do my nation and myself a great honor here tonight. The goal of bringing Coryan and Milandir together by bonds of marriage, rather than by force of arms, is a laudable one. However, I cannot…” his voice trailed off as he stared across the courtyard. The smug grin on his face had disappeared.


Elandre had returned. She stood framed in the archway, wearing a long dress of white silk that caught the moonlight. She didn’t look happy, but that did not change the fact that she was a remarkably beautiful woman.

Ilmarė slapped her forehead. She hadn’t managed to get that kind of reaction out of Roderick. [MORE]


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