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Friday, September 21

As Gray and Cold as Stone - Part 7: Meet the Parents

Kham got a quick glimpse of Acastus’ reaching for the statue of Illiir. He tapped it once and it glowed with the brilliance of daylight. Then he ducked down again to avoid being seen.

The door closed behind them. As soon as it was closed, Acastus snarled at Roderick. “What treachery is this, boy? Your father and I had an agreement!”

Kham hung from the windowsill by his fingertips.

“Yes m’lord,” said Roderick, nervous. “And believe me, I had every intention of rejecting your offer, just as my father instructed.”

It was cold outside. Kham’s arms were beginning to hurt.

“Then what in Illiir’s name happened?”

Kham made the mistake of looking down at the tindertwig he had hastily discarded. It tumbled down the slope. That’s when he realized he that the villa was built into the side of a hill. It was a long way down. [MORE]


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