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Thursday, September 27

As Gray and Cold as Stone - Part 8a: A Restless Night

Kham dusted himself off. “From what I was able to find, Adolphos val’Tensen made a deal with your father to reject your hand in marriage. Basically, it was a ploy to say no to the Emperor without publicly dishonoring your family.”

“Katticus…” said Ilmarė.

Elandre’s eyes narrowed and her lips curled angrily. “So, father would use me as a pawn in his political games, would he?”

“But then I suppose you knew that already,” continued Kham.

“Katticus…” said Quintus.

Elandre resumed stalking up and down the parlor floor. “Dangle me as bait to keep the Emperor happy, hoping to snatch me away before the jaws close on me?”

“I mean, Roderick would have to be an idiot to marry you. Going along with the marriage is tantamount to a hostile takeover.”

“Kham!” shouted Ilmarė. “Roderick went through with the proposal!”

Kham coughed into one fist. “Oh.” [MORE]


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