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Tuesday, October 2

As Gray and Cold As Stone - Part 8b: A Restless Night


“Oh, hi.” Kham held Fleshripper pointed towards the ground. “Did you two just come out of the same bedroom?”

Quintus didn’t bother to answer. He kicked the door open with his bare foot.

Acastus’ study was dark, but light from the hallway revealed a ransacked mess. Books and papers were strewn everywhere, and bloodstains dotted the floor in several places. The curtains in the window swayed gently in the still night air, but there was otherwise no movement or sign of life.

“Show yourself, intruder!” bellowed Quintus.

Suddenly, a hideous figure leaped out from behind the desk, snarling from its sharp-toothed mouth. It wore a bloodstained toga. A bloody wound still gaped open at its throat. By far its most horrible feature was its face; it leered, pallid skin stretched tightly over the skull, its eyes as gray and cold as stone.

“It’s Acastus!” shouted Kham. [MORE]


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