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Thursday, October 11

As Gray and Cold as Stone - Part 9: Pursuit and Vengeance

“You do realize the odds of us catching the killer at this point are slim,” said Ilmarė.

“Illiir’s vengeance will not be stopped,” said Quintus. “He will give us a sign.”

“Yeah, right,” said Kham. “Now Althares gives signs BEFORE people have their throats cut.”

Suddenly, a burst of light, as bright as Illiir’s own, shone out from behind a nearby hillside.

“There!” shouted Quintus.

The light was quickly doused.

Kham laughed out loud. “The idiot must have accidentally tapped the statue. When you touch it, it lights up.”

“Is there any statue of Illiir that DOESN’T light up?” asked Ilmarė. [MORE]


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