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Wednesday, November 21

Cloverfield Monster Revealed?

Back to one of my favorite subjects, it's looking more and more like we now know what the monster looks like. Basically, there are two major themes we've seen from the trailers: 1) the monster infects people (slow the frame down and watch what happens to the woman's shadow) somehow, and 2) it is tied to a web site called Slusho which involves eating nasty stuff and becoming a whale. The latest trailer shot matches the monster's description. So what is it?

This is probably it:

My guess: the giant monster has parasites, the parasites can be caught from a soft drink (slusho), and they eventually burst, turning into giant crabs. In the mean time, this giant whale thing starts walking around. So you've got two monster movies for the price of one!


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:57 AM

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