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Tuesday, November 27

Hand of the Master - Conclusion

“Perhaps we all owe our gratitude to you, Kham,” said Beldin. “Jarel has been quite a boon.”

Sebastian nodded in agreement. “He revealed all he knows of the Reavers. Many dwarves are still angry at the Reavers for twice attempting to kill Elabac, but nothing can be done until they are found again.”

“Jarel finally seems to have found peace,” said Beldin. “And what about you, Kham? Did you find what you came to Solanos Mor for?”

Kham took a deep breath. “I wouldn’t call it peace, exactly.”

“What did you find then?” asked Bijoux.

“War,” said Kham, patting the hilt of Fleshripper. “I found war.” [MORE]


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