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Friday, November 9

Hand of the Master - Part 3: Mountains from Molehills

Kham spat. “You’re not the brightest tool in the shed. You told Beldin, of all people, about your plans.”

“I intended you to hear about how Reavers attacked us in the tunnels and killed Elabac,” said Jarel. “Once Solanos Mor found out, and especially if outsiders like you,” he nodded towards Cal and Bijoux, “knew about it, Solanos Mor would be forced to wage war on the Reavers. The Reavers would be wiped out in the process and Solanos Mor would be weakened.”

“But the Reavers were one step ahead of you,” said Beldin.

“They disguised themselves, and now I have brought doom upon my own enclave! The Encali enclave is not strong enough to resist Solanos Mor.”

Cal sniffed in Jarel’s direction. “I haven’t eaten in awhile,” he said. “Let’s kill him.” [MORE]


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