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Tuesday, November 13

Hand of the Master - Part 4b: Blade and Scythe

Elabac was stripped from the waist up and tied to a wooden chair. On either side of Elabac was a dwarf holding a hot poker. Burns on Elabac’s flesh testified to the torture.

A sinister-looking dwarf stood in front of him. His ruddy brown skin was encrusted with grime and ash. He was shaven and beardless. A scar ran down the back of his scalp. Two more dwarves flanked their leader.

Kham recognized him. It was Lorund Ranenor, a Nol Dappan dwarf.

Lorund cleared his throat. “I tire of your stubbornness. It is obvious your ages spent over the forge have toughened you. How willing would you be to allow one you loved to be sent to oblivion? Will you craft a trophy for me?”

Elabac looked up, defeat in his eyes. But still he wearily shook his head.

“Pity,” said Lorund. As he pulled his arm back, Kham could see Alsef’s soul shard on an upright log before him. [MORE]


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