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Friday, November 16

Hand of the Master - Part 4c: Blade and Scythe

The moment Fleshripper pierced Lorund, the world around Kham faded away.

Kham felt as if he were rushing very fast, the wind whistling by him, stinging his eyes. Fleshripper was the only thing that felt solid anymore, its weight secure in his hands, anchoring him in its reality. He found comfort in its presence.

The blood from the dwarf was still wet upon the blade, and yet Fleshripper called out for more.

Kham could hear its voice in his ear, goading him to rid the world of the evil creatures. He felt new power, almost an awakening surge from Fleshripper.

Then, with a jolt strong enough to almost throw him to the ground, he found himself exactly where he was before. On the battlefield, with scarcely a moment having passed. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:13 PM

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