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Sunday, November 18

Hand of the Master - Part 4d: Blade and Scythe

Vlad yanked his blade out of Lorund’s corpse.

“Now that I know about these soul shards,” Vlad placed Lorund’s soul shard on the log where Alsef’s had been shattered, “I’m going to be sure that the next time I kill a dwarf, he stays dead.” He raised his sword overhead.

“Please,” wheezed Elabac. Sebastian worked to free him from the chair. “Haven’t we had…enough…carnage?”

“Take their shards,” said Beldin. “We will hand them over to the Solanos Mor authorities.”

Cal pawed through the bodies.

Bijoux’s head poked into the tent. “I do not mean to alarm you, but the Reavers now know of our presence.”

Kham rose unsteadily to his feet. “Maybe the sight of a flying cat gave us away.”

Bijoux seemed unflustered. “Perhaps they noticed that the screaming had stopped.” She looked with sympathy upon the old dwarf. “I know I did.”

“No time to debate,” said Vlad. He slashed open the back of the tent. “Let’s go.”

Kham stepped through the opening. “You wanted blood, Fleshripper? You got it.” He cut his palm on Fleshripper’s blade. His hand dripped with blood.

Then he pull out the red stone from his pocket and they were gone. [MORE]


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