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Thursday, November 22

Hand of the Master - Part 5a: Vengeance is Mine

Jarel looked at each of them, then at Elabac. His eyes filled with tears and he threw himself at Elabac’s feet, overcome with grief.

“Forgive me, Master!” he cried. “I see now. I see now what I’ve done!”

Elabac looked at Beldin, Sebastian, and Kham. “We shall have…to do something…about him. He seems… to finally…have discovered…true sorrow…for his wrongs. Perhaps…he could be brought…to Illiir’s light. What do you think…my friends? What shall we do…about Jarel?”

Sebastian frowned. “He betrayed all of us under the guise of repentance.” He avoided looking at Beldin. “He used Solanos Mor’s people against itself and nearly caused a war. If that doesn’t deserve death, I don’t know what does.”

Beldin shook his head. “Illiir is a merciful god. If Jarel wishes for a second chance, then he should have it.”

Elabac turned to look at Kham. “That leaves you…Kham.” [MORE]


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