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Friday, December 21

Part 1e – Kurt and Jim’s Story

"I belong to an organization dedicated to dealing with these…anomalies you experienced."

"Anomalies?" asked Baxter. "There were dozens of witnesses!"

"According to the papers that was a terrorist attack by the Irish Nationalist Republic," said Coffey calmly. He fished a newspaper clipping out of the folder he was holding his hands and placed it on Baxter's chest. "You can read it when we're finished here."

"A cover up," said Grange.

"I didn't say that," replied Coffey. "If you wish to learn more, I will be happy to recruit both of you into a new organization, an organization of the highest level of secrecy. It’s a clandestine taskforce that deals with the elimination and obscuration of preternatural phenomena that pose a threat to our citizens and their country."

"And if we decline?" asked Baxter.

"Then we'll up your dosage, you will fall asleep, and in another day you will wake up with no knowledge of this event except perhaps a hazy dream of some fellow that doesn't exist."

"Why don't I believe we'd wake up?" asked Baxter.

Coffey said nothing. [MORE]


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