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Thursday, December 13

Terror in Freeport - Part 2: A Shout in the Street

Kham leisurely inserted himself into the crowd. “Hey now, let’s everyone calm down a second.”

The kid ran behind Beldin and cowered.

“Calm down?” asked one of the orcs. He laughed, long and loud. “This be none o’ yer business. If ye know what’s good fer ye, ye’ll stay ou’ o’ ‘t.”

Kham sighed. “You really don’t want to do this.” Vlad and Cal stepped up behind him, weapons drawn.

The messenger took off down the street at a full clip in the opposite direction.

One of the orcs swung at Kham’s head with his axe, but Fleshripper was out in a flash to block the attack.

“This is ridiculous,” said Sebastian. “Fuco aspergo!”

The two orcs to either side of the leader went down hard as Sebastian’s color magic washed over them. Then Kham lunged, and Fleshripper pierced the leader’s shoulder. The orc fell to the ground.

”This is too easy.” Kham pulled back from the melee to look around. “Something’s wrong.” [MORE]


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