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Sunday, December 16

Terror in Freeport - Part 3: Stonewalling

Inside the former temple, not much had visibly changed. Bijoux was sniffing the ground while Kham kicked up dust.

“How did you two get here so fast?” asked Sebastian.

“Secret entrance around the back,” said Kham.

“I flew in through a hole in the roof,” said Bijoux. “Look here. There are faint footprints and marks on the floor.”

There were pinpoint holes in the dust where toes should be, indicating keenly sharp claws and big, sweeping grooves that could only be made by a tail.

Kham looked down. “And they’re clearly not human.”

“Now what?” asked Vlad.

“Now we go to my favorite place,” said Kham.

“And that is?” asked Sebastian.

Kham walked down the steps out of sight. “The wine cellar.” [MORE]


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