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Monday, December 24

Terror in Freeport - Part 6b: The Shakedown

They were in a damp, dripping tunnel with a narrow walkway on either side and a river of effluvia oozing down the middle. The walkways were enough for single file.

Cal cocked his head. “We are not alone,” he said.

Bijoux pointed at claws marks on the walkways. “The ssanu are down here.”

At the edge of the Merchant District, an iron grating blocked the passage. It was cemented in place.

“Stand back,” said Cal, flexing his claws. “I’ll open it.”

“No need.” Bijoux walked over to the bars and with a firm yank, removed them.

“You’re stronger than I thought,” said Cal.

Bijoux dusted her hands. She didn’t bother to point out that the bars had been sawed through in the middle and then replaced. [MORE]


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