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Saturday, December 29

Terror in Freeport - Part 7b: Rocks and a Hard Place

As if on cue, the floor began to tip and the hinged wall hung partially open. Beyond the hinged wall were two grinding cylinders, mechanically pounding up and down.

“Everyone!” shouted Beldin. “Grab hold of something!” He lifted his axe high overhead and then slammed it into the floor. The floor of the crushing machine was no match for Elabac’s superior craftsmanship. The blade bit deeply and held.

Vlad did the same with Grungronazharr, which pierced the metal like butter. Kham speared the ground with Fleshripper. Cal and Bijoux dug in with their claws.

Rock heaps started to slide downward into the crushers. They were pounded into dust.

“I see something!” shouted Sebastian. He could make out a small opening where a man’s silhouette stood in front of a lever. He pointed his palms forward. “Fuco aspergo!”

The coruscating cone of light struck the opening. The figure slumped forward, but the machinery continued to grind away.

The floor tipped to a 45-degree angle. Rocks slammed into Sebastian. He plunged into the void towards the crushers…and then stopped as his forked tail wrapped around Kham’s leg.

“So that’s why you always wear those robes!” shouted Kham. “You have a forked tail!”

“Now is really not the time!” Sebastian shouted back. [MORE]


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