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Monday, December 31

Terror in Freeport - Part 8a: The Serpent’s Nest

There was a bang. Ilmarė could hear a muffled, familiar voice on the other side of the door. She opened it.

Out spilled Beldin and Vlad. They blinked up at Ilmarė.

“Ilmarė!” said Vlad with a smile. His armor was rent in several places. It looked as if the Milandisian had been dumped into a meat grinder.

Bijoux and Sebastian dragged out the mangled form of Calactyte. Kham sauntered out behind them.

“What happened to you?”

“Remember the crushing machine that Ambrose designed for the Brother of the Yellow Sign?” asked Beldin.

Ilmarė nodded.

Beldin dusted himself off. “Now we know how it works.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:51 AM

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