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Wednesday, December 19

Welcome to the Show - Part 1d – Kurt and Jim’s Story

Grange handed Young his pistol. He was bleeding from wounds in his right arm and neck, saved only by his bulletproof vest. Young brandished a Desert Eagle in each hand. "Lay down as much cover fire are you can!"

Grange half-dragged Young out the door on the passenger's side. Young blazed away with the pistols as they attempted to leave the cover of the car.

The commando opened fire. Young's body spasmed as a half-dozen gunshots found their target. Grange dropped Young's body and maneuvered to the front of the car for cover.

Baxter was still there. "Back so soon?" He blind-fired several shots over the edge of the car.

"We're pinned down," snarled Grange. He quickly cocked the sub-machinegun. "We've got to get to that Embassy."

Gunfire echoed all around them. The Marine guards, spooked by the ricocheting shots so near the embassy grounds, also opened fire.

"SAS!" shouted one of the commandos. "Hold your fire!"

"Oh now they want us to hold our fire," muttered Baxter. [MORE]


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