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Sunday, December 30

Welcome to the Show: Part 2d – Sebastian’s Story

"That bag. That's my brother's bag. I will pay you for it.”

The leader sneered. "What do you have that I can not take from you?”

"I have money. I will pay." Sebastian started speaking quickly and his Arabic broke down. He switched to English. "I am an American. My death would bring unwanted attention...”

The leader cuffed him across the face. When Sebastian went down, he could feel the man's spit in his hair. "You're right. We will not kill you."

He ordered one of his men over and they rifled through his pockets, found his wallet, and took it. Sebastian was on his knees. He couldn't see anything but sand. A moment later Michael's bag landed next to him. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:18 AM

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