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Wednesday, January 16

Madness in Freeport - Part 1a: The Sea Lord’s Palace

“I’ve never been to a ball before,” said Vlad out of the corner of his mouth. He wore a vest of leather studded with polished brass rivets. Over the armor he wore a military coat that ended just above the knee, snug gray pants beneath, and black riding boots. Vlad also wore black gloves and a top hat. He wore his sword belt, but his weapon was left at the door.

The landscaping within was well tended, with tall trees and numerous gardens of flowers. They traversed a white stone path that led from the gates to the palace beyond.

“It’s easy,” said Kham. “Smile and ask women to dance. They’re not allowed to say no.”

Ilmarė snorted.

“Really?” asked Vlad.

“Really,” said Kham. “It’d be impolite.”[MORE]


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