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Thursday, January 24

Madness in Freeport: Part 1e: The Sea Lord’s Palace

Kham zeroed in on a pretty blonde in a midnight blue gown. A single gold ring adorned her right hand.

“That’s a beautiful stone,” he said, sidling up to her.

She met him with a ready smile. “You’re too kind. I’m Petra Fricke.”

“Kham val’Abebi,” said Kham, kissing her hand in greeting. "Shall I have the pleasure?"

“I’d be delighted,” she said with the same sparkling smile.

They made their way to the dance floor as the next song commenced. It was a slow waltz.

“It’s funny you should mention stones,” said Petra. “Are you a craftsman?”

“I know many trades,” Kham turned her slowly about. “Why do you ask?”

“I’m the leader of the Craftsmen Guild in Freeport,” she said.

Kham held up one of Petra’s manicured hands as she waltzed around him. “You don’t have the hands of a craftsman.”

Petra giggled. “Alas, we have not received much work in the past three years.”

“Don’t tell me.” Kham caught her by the waist and resumed the waltz. “This has to do with the lighthouse.”

“It does indeed,” said Petra with a coy smile. “The craftsmen are being left out some lucrative work. Instead, Drac brings in orcs from outside of Freeport.”

The music slowly faded to a stop. Kham bowed before Petra. “Thank you very much for the dance.”

Petra put one hand to her mouth and tittered. “I think we shall meet again, Kham val’Abebi.”

He led her off the dance floor. “I certainly hope so,” said Kham with a wink. Seconds later, Kham walked straight towards a green-haired beauty at the other side of the room. [MORE]


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