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Saturday, January 26

Madness in Freeport - Part 1f: The Sea Lord’s Palace

Their conversation was interrupted as they switched places in the quadrille. Ilmarė had to wait until she was facing Arias again.

“You mean Anton?” Ilmarė turned caught Arias’ hand again. He was an excellent dancer. “Wasn’t he assassinated?”

“Yes,” said Arias with a frown. “Milton’s much more interested in a neutral Freeport, and that’s turned out to be a rather lucrative arrangement for our people.”

“Lucrative how?”

“We have exclusive rights to all shipping for material to build that lighthouse of his,” said Arias.

“Whatever would the Sea Lord want with a lighthouse?” asked Ilmarė, feigning ignorance.

Arias laughed. Ilmarė hated the sound. “I have no idea, but it doesn’t really matter. As you well know, m’lady, long life has its advantages. We’ll enjoy the Sea Lord’s money long after he’s dead!” He laughed again, as if the jest wasn’t in appalling taste.

“Charming,” said Ilmarė. [MORE]


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