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Friday, January 4

Terror in Freeport - Part 9a: Verlaine’s House

The door at the other end of the long ramp opened into a large cellar, well stocked with interesting vintages.

“We’re in Verlaine’s house,” said Kham. He took a bottle off the shelf and popped the cork with one hand.

“How can you be sure?” asked Vlad.

Kham pointed at an open create with his boot. “The Bierce Vintners stamp was on the crate we found in the old snake temple too.” He took a swig. “This is where they’ve been delivering the crates of magical bricks, disguised as bottles of wine.”

“So Verlaine’s in on it too,” said Egil. “This is very troubling.”

“This whole city is a mess,” said Ilmarė. She peered up the steps.

“Actually, Freeport’s usually like this,” said Kham. “Only there are less snakes.”

Ilmarė hushed him. She craned her neck to listen.

“Combat. Upstairs.”

There was a cry of agony. Kham took a swig of a potion and rushed up the steps. [MORE]


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