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Sunday, January 13

Welcome to the Show: Part 4a – Hank’s Story

As Hank reached the trees and looked back for Rachel, a realization hit him. He could hear the shouts, the screams of the dying, the frantic clamor of the birds, even the ragged gasps of his own breathing…but not the gunfire. He stared at one of the men, watching the muzzle flash from his rifle, and realized that it was utterly silent.

He wondered why, but then he was suddenly seated before the review board, the people who were reviewing the incident. They were going through their final statements and a sound reached Hank, like dripping water.


He glanced up from his folded hands, looking for the leak.


It was Dr. Nowlan—a stream of blood was leaking from his ear into his glass of water, the red blossoming through the still liquid.


Hank gasped. They were all bleeding from their ears and looking down at his suit, saw that he was too. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:39 PM

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