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Monday, January 21

Welcome to the Show: Part 5a – Joe’s Story

Joe waited a moment for Volk to leave, then walked over to the window. He was much more interested in Mardi Gras festivities than the ramblings of a boring professor.

The parade was passing just outside the main entrance to the hotel. A moment later, Dr. Volk appeared in front of the restaurant. He paused briefly to look both ways over the crowds and then descended down some stairs to his left into the street. At the same moment, a huge dragon float was passing by. The hair stood up on the back of Joe's neck. Something was wrong.

The head of the float bobbed stiffly this way and that, and occasionally a little puff of steam escaped its mouth. As it passed Dr. Volk, the head bobbed quickly towards him and then away again.

Dr. Volk was gone. Joe looked around for him.

He spotted a pair of legs protruding from the mouth of the dragon. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:57 AM

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