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Sunday, January 27

Welcome to the Show: Part 5d – Joe’s Story

"The first appearance of the name Azazel is in Leviticus 16:8. Basically, God orders Aaron to place lots upon two goats, reserving one for God and one for Azazel. The first goat set aside for God is sacrificed. Aaron takes the second goat, the one for Azazel, places his hands on it, and makes confession for all of the Israelites. Then he leads the goat out into the wilderness and leave it there. That's where we get the term scapegoat."

Gallagher laughed. "You learn something new every day! What does this have to do with the Jackson case?"

"In short, Azazel is an eater of sins. And X-investigations believes that there may be a possessed demon hopping from body to body..."

Gallagher stopped laughing. "You're serious?" He took a long slurp of his coffee, put it down on counter where the cop was still leering at Silvie's calendar, and jabbed a finger in Joe's chest. "Do you know how much crazy stuff I see down here? If you haven't noticed, Mister New York City, this is New Orleans. We don't need demonic possession as an excuse to kill each other down here. You keep that up and they'll start saying the loa did it!"

"I didn't mean to--"

"Yeah, yeah." Gallagher pointed for the door. "Get out of here before I change my mind." [MORE]


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