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Saturday, February 16

The End of Paradise: Part 5 – Arkham Asylum

“What about the book?” asked Jim-Bean.

Archive hefted the book. “Mostly, it talks about a deity known as The Key and the Gate. He seems to have globes, thirteen in number, that are his servitors and do his bidding. Most interesting is Vual, who takes the ‘form of a dark mass and speaks in all tongues’…maybe an allusion to movies.”

“I’ll show you the room,” said Jim-Bean. “You’ve got to see it. It’s freaky down there.”

“We may want to make a detour first,” said Archive to Blade. “I just found the address of the only surviving member of the Sound and Light Club.”

“Where is he now?” asked Jim-Bean.

A dark expression came over Archive’s face. “Arkham Asylum.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:13 AM

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