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Sunday, February 17

The End of Paradise: Part 6 – Frank Long

Archive leaned down to make eye contact with Long. “Mister Long, do you know anything about the Sound and Light Club?”

The old man suddenly became animated. “Sound and light, sound and light. That’s what movies are made of! Sound and light, yes. Movies on the screen, the silver screen, movies in your head, the silver head.”

Archive and Jim-Bean exchanged glances.

“So you were a member of the Club?” asked Jim-Bean.

“The club, yes, the club. Not a club. No, no. A church. Yes, a church. A church not made with hands. Look ma, no hands!” Long held up his hands and laughed.

“Do you know anything about the Club’s connection to the Paradise?” asked Archive.

“They say it’s coming, Paradise is coming,” replied Long. “I’m due. I’m owed. I paid my owes. I’m first in line. I’m last to stay. I can’t wait. Paradise is coming.”

Jim-Ben twirled his index finger at his temple and mouthed “nutter” to Archive. Archive sighed. [MORE]


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