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Sunday, February 24

Lethal Legacy: Part 3 – Lich Street

Archive scanned it. “This book has instructions on how to make Dust of Suleiman.” He looked over at the capped ingredients. “Olibanum, sulfer, and saltpeter. Yep, it’s all here.”

“Don’t tell me,” said Hammer, his examination of the dead body complete. “The last ingredient is…”

“…a mummy, yep.”

“What’s it for?” asked Blade.

“According to the book, protection against dread and unwanted visitations,” said Archive.

“Can you make more?” asked Hammer.

“Sure, but…”

“Make it. I have a feeling we’ll need it.”

“Why would we need some dust from a dead man?” asked Jim-Bean critically.

“I think that Drebbers summoned something he couldn’t control. And if I had to guess, he sent it to take out his ex-wife.” He pointed at the picture.

Blade clicked on his Cistron. “I’ll call the police and let them know about the mummy.”

Archive finished cooking the ingredients and poured the powder into a jar while Blade talked with the police.

“We don’t have to worry about Drebbers,” said Blade. “He’s dead.” [MORE]


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