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Monday, February 18

Madness in Freeport - Part 10: The High Altar of Yig

“Where are these artifacts anyway?” asked Ilmarė, rubbing her temples.

“I do not know their exact locationsss,” replied Alissstar. “I sssuggessst you asssk the other priessstsss you meet in the temple.”

“You’ve been down here for hundreds—maybe thousands—of years,” Ilmarė began to pace. “You’ve basically got nothing to do with yourself but mope around down here. These four artifacts are the only things that can put you to eternal rest. And YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE THEY ARE?” Ilmarė threw up her hands. “Now I know why the elorii overthrew your people,” she shouted. “Because you’re a bunch of idiots!”

She stalked out of the room and down the ramp.

Vlad smiled sheepishly at Alissstar. “She’s been having a bad day. We’ll bring the artifacts back to you soon.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:26 AM

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