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Thursday, February 21

Madness in Freeport - Part 13: The Serpent Scales

The large room looked like some sort of gymnasium. Rotted matting covered the floor, and various combat dummies were scattered throughout the area. T

The walls were lined with racks that held rusting and tarnished weapons of all sorts.
Standing in the center of the room was a shadow ssanu holding a crackling spear and wearing a suit of green scale mail.

“Finally!” said Ilmarė. She drew a bead on the ssanu.

In a loud, deep voice, Vrosh spoke. “Come, young onesss. Come for your lessson. You mussst be ssstrong to fight for Yig.” With that, he assumes a fighting stance, brandishing his spear. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:46 AM

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