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Monday, March 31

Chapter 4: Faint Transmissions - Introduction

This scenario, “Faint Transmissions,” is from the free D20 Modern supplement at http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20modern/oa/20050222a by Rich Redman. You can read more about Delta Green at http://www.delta-green.com. Please note: This story hour contains spoilers!

Our cast of characters includes:

• Game Master: Michael Tresca (http://michael.tresca.net)
• Hank “Guppy” Gupta (Smart Hero) played by Joseph Tresca (http://www.creepyportfolio.com)
• Jake “Blade” Iron Shirt (Strong Hero) played by Matt Hammer

I really enjoyed the idea of Jake’s connection not to just to the popular club scene, but to Hollywood in general through the custody battle over his son, Alex, with his famous movie star ex-wife, Christine Dee.

When I was looking for inspiration what Christine’s background might be like, I stumbled upon the Lori Lovecraft series of comics (http://www.lorilovecraft.com). It’s essentially film noir mixed with Lovecraft with a sprinkling of softcore porn. What’s not to like?

All that, and I managed to tie Stephen Alzis into the mix too. After seeing Reaper, I role-played Alzis just like the Devil. For good reasons, if you know anything about Alzis.

Most of all, this puts Blade front and center and “off the ranch” – he’s about to do two missions that will alter the course of history without accidentally “invoking the hounds” as Alzis likes to say. But to get that accomplished, he’s going to need a little help from his friends. The first time around, the only one who wakes up fast enough is Guppy.

Poor Guppy.

These are short one-shot scenarios that provide interesting situations, situations that don’t necessarily require combat. Unfortunately, the series abruptly stopped after the fourth installment. [MORE]


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