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Tuesday, March 18

Herald of the Yellow King - Part 2f: The Village of Dunover

As the mounts and sleigh began traveling the road away from Dunover, something strange flashed in the corner of Kham’s eye.

A large building of black stone, maybe three stories high, with an adjacent tower even taller, sat at the bottom of a cobblestone path off the main road. It was impossible to have missed such a thing on the way into the village. The structure was like none he had ever seen.

Kham called out to Dril. “Do you see that?”

A gust of winter wind blew, filling the air with a cloud of icy snow.

“What?” When Dril looked, all the end of the cobblestone path was an empty snow-covered field, with the silent forest beyond. He turned back to Kham. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Damn it, I saw something!” said Kham. “And it’s not because of Fleshripper either!” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:14 AM

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