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Thursday, March 20

Herald of the Yellow King - Part 3b: The Village of Brighton

“I’ve got to tell you,” Kham tore off a piece from a loaf of bread and popped it in his mouth. “I could get used to this life.” He washed it down wine.

Ilmarė wrinkled her nose. “You eat far too much meat.” She picked at the cheese platter as ox stew was served. “They serve it with everything.”

“You’re in my country now,” said Vlad with a smile. He took a generous helping of stew. The gibbets of meat steamed in his wooden bowl. “It’d be only polite to eat something.”

Sausage with bread was placed on the table. Dri speared a sausage with his knife. They weren’t supplied at the table; in Milandir, one was expected to bring his own knife to dinner. “Where are the plates?”

Vlad cut a trencher in half that was set between them. “That’s your plate,” said Vlad. “The bread absorbs the juices. You can eat it when you’re done.”

The final course was a serving of roast beef. Vlad carved the meat and offered it to Ilmarė. She passed it on to Dril, who sat next to her.

Dril looked at the meat curiously. “Actually,” said Vlad, “Ilmarė should cut the meat and serve it to Dril.”

“I serve no one,” said the elorii with a sneer. [MORE]


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