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Friday, March 21

Herald of the Yellow King - Part 3c: The Village of Brighton

As the door swung open, Ilmarė beheld a sickening sight. It was clear that the home had undergone a drastic change recently. All the furniture was removed. The room was freezing cold; ice and snow was packed all around the floor, much of it bloodstained. In one corner of the large room stood a worktable, behind which stood a rack of mallets, hooks, knives, cleavers, and saws. In an opposite corner were several barrels that reeked of brine.

Ilmarė swallowed hard. She inspected one of the barrels. After a moment, she tried to pry open the lid with her thinblade.

It was stuck. She wrenched harder. Just a little more…

Something wet dripped on her shoulder.

Ilmarė looked up. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:18 AM

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