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Sunday, March 23

Herald of the Yellow King - Part 3e: The Village of Brighton

Dril came in from the cold.

“Well, they got to the horses. Looks like they poisoned them.”

Vlad punched the table. “Damn it!”

“How long will it take to walk back?” asked Kham, dreading the answer.

“If we leave now, we should be able to get to the castle some time after nightfall,” said Vlad. “But that’s just an estimate, I’ve never walked it before.”

“We’ve got to get to Duke Adolphos before Cael does,” said Ilmarė. “He’s probably on his way right now.”

“Let’s gather up all the supplies we can find,” said Vlad. It was left unspoken that they wouldn’t be taking any food. “We’d better get moving.”

“There’s more bad news,” said Dril.

“More bad news?” asked Kham.

A howl spoke for Dril.

“The wolves are back.” [MORE]


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