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Wednesday, March 26

Herald of the Yellow King - Part 4c: Returning to the Castle

The effect was instantaneous. Ice exploded in a great geyser of black water, churning up a froth that caused a chain reaction across the ice. Spider web cracks appeared in a halo around the creature and then gave away completely, sheering a hunk of ice downwards into the rushing moat. The lobster-fish monstrosity slipped down one side and out of sight.

“Thank Althares,” said Kham. “We got—“

The thing broke water at the far end of the chunk of ice, rising with a great whooshing noise. It rose vertically, towering overhead, blocking out the sun. The claws reached forward. The beast, in all of its monstrous glory, fell onto the ice with a shattering crash, narrowly missing Kham. It drove the far end of the ice underwater; the river sucked hungrily at it.

“Kham!’ shouted Ilmarė. “Hold on!”

“To what?” Kham shouted back. The tentacles whipped from side to side. Kham floundered backwards away from it.

Kham clung to the top of the ice sheet for dear life, even as it began to tilt downwards. [MORE]


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