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Thursday, March 27

Herald of the Yellow King - Part 5a: The King in Yellow

The main door was open, with light and the sounds of merriment spilling out into the night. Once inside, a portcullis dropped down, followed by the main castle door slamming shut.

“The fate of the Duchy of Moratavia is now in our hands,” said Dril.

As the warmth of the castle welcomed them, the strangeness of it was oddly repulsive. The ceilings vaulted thirty feet above them. The stonework was mostly black, and everywhere yellow candles flickered, casting a haunting illumination.

“This hall is definitely larger than I remembered,” said Vlad.

Suddenly, mist erupted from a wall. It swirled and caressed like a living thing, soundlessly moving over the stone. When it cleared moments later, the wall became an archway.

“Let me guess,” said Kham, “that’s our invitation.” [MORE]


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