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Friday, March 28

Herald of the Yellow King - Part 5b: The King in Yellow

Cael spoke of several traditional tales as they traveled to the feast hall. His voice was clear and strong, skilled and youthful.

“Cael is quite skilled,” said Ilmarė, “and apparently much younger than we thought.” She grabbed one of the candles.

After each story there was much applause and toasting to the bard’s health.

“What are you doing?” asked Vlad.

The hot wax was easily crushed in the elorii’s hand. “Old Mother Esther survived Umor’s Tale only because she could not hear. We must deafen ourselves if we are to survive. Quickly now!” She balled up two pieces of wax and put them in her pointed ears.

Cael’s voice changed, sad and world-weary. “Hear me now, gathered host, as I tell a tale of sadness, beauty, and loss. I speak now the tale that should not be spoken, the tale of He Who Should Not Be Named. I speak now the tale of Lost Carcosa and the coming of the King in Yellow.”

Dril and Vlad grabbed candles and plugged their ears with wax.

The crowd hushed. Kham didn’t move, listening intently.

“Kham?” asked Vlad. “Why aren’t you using the wax?”

“There’s only one way to figure out this thing,” said Kham. “I think I have to experience this story for myself.”

“What?” asked Dril.

Kham nodded to the jester, who waited expectantly. “Lead on,” he said. “This is one vassal who is tired of taking orders from his King.” [MORE]


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